Year: 2016

daughter and elderly parents

How to Care for the Elderly at Home

Written by Stannah on 19th December 2016

Shot of a senior couple spending time with their daughterhttp:// recently published an article on “How to Take Care of Elderly Parents at Home” and it contains insightful tips for home assist that can help make your life, and theirs, much more enjoyable and worry-free. In Step 1, the article cites “Inspect the home […]

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retirement and local communities

Retirement doesn’t mean vacating your community

Written by Stannah on 9th December 2016

Increased Choices for Living Arrangements Life for those in their 80’s is better than it has ever been before. Typically retirees would remain in the family home until their health dictated a move to a nursing home where more specialised nursing and medical facilities could be on call if the need arise. There are now […]

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planning retirement

7 Ways To Prepare For Retirement

Written by Stannah on 5th December 2016

Australians Have a Positive Attitude to Life Australians in general have a positive bias to life. It is expressed on a daily basis when people say “no problems”, “no worries” or “she’ll be right.” We take this attitude into the realm of our finances and this is particularly the case when it comes to our […]

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Australia’s Ageing Population

Written by Stannah on 28th November 2016

Elderly People are Living Longer Life expectancy has increased by over 20 years since the turn of the twentieth century.  This is great it means that we will be able to experience more than the generations that came before us. Now it is considered to be just over 80 years for both men and women. […]

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in home care

How to choose the perfect in home care for your family members or aging loved ones?

Written by Stannah on 19th November 2016

Deciding on proper in home caregiving for your loved ones can be an arduous task. There are many key factors that must be considered when acquiring in home help for your family members. What is In Home Care or a Caregiver and how do they offer home assist? There are two types of basic home […]

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elderly care

Senior Home Care: Tips & Tricks on Caring For Elderly Loved Ones

Written by Stannah on 12th November 2016

Getting old is not an easy process and you may find that your elderly family members are often upset and frustrated. Senior home care can cause increased stress for both you and your loved one as you try to balance your life and tend to their needs simultaneously. If you are caring for elderly parents […]

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Walk, Don’t Run! How Walking Soccer is Helping the Elderly Stay Active

Written by Stannah on 7th November 2016

As we age, there are some activities that were once easy that become more difficult. Many senior activities are also a solo affair and they are not sure how to stay active once they can no longer play their football, netball, and soccer games. For many athletes, the competitive spirit in their hearts and minds […]

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coping with aging parents

Coping with Aging: How to Comfort your Loved Ones as They Grow Older

Written by Stannah on 17th October 2016

Aging can be a confusing process for many individuals. It is difficult for our loved ones to understand they may no longer be capable of performing certain tasks. It is not uncommon for them to continue attempting their normal routine even if they physically or mentally are no longer able to. As a caregiver, trying […]

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