Year: 2018

Still Alice: a story about early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Still Alice: a story about early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Written by Stannah on 16th July 2018

Neuroscientist Lisa Genova tells the story of Alice and her early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. How much do we know about this condition? “What if you were to lose every memory you ever had?” in “Still Alice”, by Lisa Genova Images sourced from Newstateman and Howard or Film Julianne Moore’s Oscar and Bafta winning performance couldn’t have […]

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senior golf player

Senior Golf: A Healthy Balance of Fun & Exercise

Written by Stannah on 5th July 2018

Golf is a fun and challenging sport. But for senior golfers, hitting the links can also lead to a number of healthy outcomes. It’s one of the best feelings in sports: the perfect golf shot. Everything is balanced and in rhythm. The world slows down. Your thoughts and movements are fluid, working together, perfectly in […]

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Seniors can feel lost in airports what is Senior Air travel?

Senior air travel, friend or foe?

Written by Stannah on 18th June 2018

Traveling through an airport is stressful at any age, but what is travelling like for seniors? What help is already out there? We fly frequently and no matter where we go, there are always those stressful moments. It got us thinking about senior air travel and what the whole experience of air travel must be […]

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Communal living or cohousing is a great way to live our lives

Independence through communal living: is cohousing the future?

Written by Stannah on 12th June 2018

Senior communal living, many of us don’t know what it is, much less that this way of life has many benefits! Cohousing, or communal living, is a trend that has picked up a lot of steam over the last 40 years and could very well be in your future. However, many people still don’t know […]

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The most talked about 83¼-year old Hendrik Groen

The secret diary of Hendrik Groen, the 83 ¼ year old who conquered our hearts!

Written by Stannah on 4th June 2018

The most talked about 83 ¼-year-old has taken the literary world by storm! Stannah takes you on a journey into the world of Hendrik Groen. “The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 83 ¼ Years Old”. This unique diary has won over readers far beyond its homeland (the Netherlands). In fact, the translation rights of the […]

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World health day: how Parkinson’s Disease can affect drinking a simple glass of water.

Parkinson’s disease and its effects on mobility and balance

Written by Stannah on 28th May 2018

Have you ever stopped to think about how challenging drinking a glass of water can be for someone suffering from Parkinson’s Disease? On World Health Day, you will certainly read about healthy habits and, for instance, how drinking water is good for your health. While these are all helpful tips and important topics to cover, […]

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senior woman looking thoughtful

World Day of Families: Senior Citizens life advice to younger people

Written by Stannah on 9th May 2018

On World Day of Families take some time to listen to what the elderly have to say! The theme for the International Day of Families 2018 is “Families and inclusive societies”. Although the focus is to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, we think promoting inclusive societies means much more than that. It […]

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A stack of books waiting the be read

Books to read this winter: this list will get you through the winter months!

Written by Stannah on 30th April 2018

Curling up on the sofa is one of the best things to do, so we’ve made a list that will keep you busy for the next few months. When winter comes around, we can think of nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a good book. You might have just finished a good […]

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