Year: 2020

Makeup for women over 50 and the beauty of mature skin

Written by Stannah on 14th August 2020

It doesn’t really matter how old we are, we all like to look good and show our natural beauty. We embrace the lines around our eyes and mouth as a sign of how far we’ve come and of a life well-lived. But maintaining a healthy glow is also important for our self-esteem and that’s where […]

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The Science Behind Functional Balance: improving your awareness of your balance health

Written by Stannah on 21st May 2020

As the number of over 65s grows rapidly, concern has grown about the quality of life of the elderly. The concern is even greater if we consider that old age is associated with multiple biological risk factors like muscle weakness, reducing functional balance control or gait disorders, which lead to a higher incidence of falls. […]

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