How to choose the perfect in home care for your family members or aging loved ones?

Written by Stannah

Deciding on proper in home caregiving for your loved ones can be an arduous task. There are many key factors that must be considered when acquiring in home help for your family members.

in home care

What is In Home Care or a Caregiver and how do they offer home assist?

There are two types of basic home care services, skilled care and personal care. Skilled care is provided by healthcare professionals, while personal care is provided by home health aides who help with basic tasks such as bathing and grooming. Your loved one may require either or both of these home services for the elderly.

In most cases, both types of home assist are covered by the government under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme or Home Care Packages. These home care services may or may not require a gap payment, based on your circumstances. You can read more about these home help for elderly services on the MyAgedCare website. In Australia, we have access to some pretty impressive home care services for the elderly that many other less fortunate countries do not have. MyAgedCare is there to help you determine what’s needed, how much the co-payment for services will be, and which provider is the best for your loved one’s circumstances.

So You’ve Chosen Your Type of Care, What’s The Next Step?

Once the proper type of care has been determined, MyAgedCare is there to help assist you in finding the right in home care worker in your area. 

There are also many licenced private providers of skilled care and personal care available to choose from. Some of these in home care for elderly providers may have subsidies provided by the government and some may require full payment out of your own pocket. A quick search in Google will turn up results such as Private Care, which you can then investigate yourself.

If you’re not sure which of these options is right for your loved one, there is also this resource from MyAgedCare which will help to find the right nearby home care for the elderly service for your given situation.

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