How to Care for the Elderly at Home

As our parents age, we certainly would like to see them maintain a life of independence and living at home instead of an elderly care facility. We can help keep our parents independent by following steps to ensure their safety and perhaps getting help with in home care.

Written by Stannah

Shot of a senior couple spending time with their daughterhttp:// recently published an article on “How to Take Care of Elderly Parents at Home” and it contains insightful tips for home assist that can help make your life, and theirs, much more enjoyable and worry-free.

In Step 1, the article cites “Inspect the home for safety first. Assess risks such as fall hazards that may be caused by loose rugs that slip under shoes or walkers, cluttered furniture that makes navigation difficult or areas in the house that may offer difficulty to the elderly (such as stairs.)”

This is a primary concern for many with aging parents, as stairs can pose a safety hazard and lead to injuries. It’s also a key concern for those who don’t want to leave their family home of many years and move into a new one.  

The idea of a stairlift may not go over so well with your parents at first, but it’s important to discuss the benefits and advantages of the chair lift for stairs with them. If they’re finding the stairs to be a struggle, and if you’re constantly worrying about the safety of your parents, the potential risks are just too great to ignore.

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