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7 Ways to Stay Healthy in Winter

7 Ways to Stay Healthy in Winter

Written by Stannah on 26th June 2017

If you were a character in the epic TV show Game of Thrones, you would feel a chill in your bones at the words ‘Winter is Coming’. But because you’re Australian, you may even welcome the winter season after the long and hot summer. The truth is that Australians are lucky in that our climate […]

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Fall Prevention with Proper Senior Footwear

Written by Stannah on 19th June 2017

While much of the discussion around fall prevention focuses in avoiding obstacles, it is important to look at footwear and analyse how they can increase the risk of falling, especially important among seniors. As a child, we often desired shoes with bright colours and bold designs. A new pair of shoes may have made us […]

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Benefits of walking: a senior couple walking

Benefits of Walking: Boost Your Heart, Brain & Body

Written by Stannah on 18th April 2017

Once you have retired, it is very easy to slip into a sedentary life, but the health benefits of walking and staying active are clear, both physically and mentally. Studies have shown that the elderly can reduce their risk of illness and boost their independence by 41% by taking part in regular walking exercise. Something […]

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Sensory Stimulation for your loved one dealing with Alzheimer’s

Managing Alzheimer’s with Sensory Stimulation

Written by Stannah on 10th April 2017

Discovering an elderly loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, or another form of Dementia, can be a difficult concept to comprehend. The families of more than 400,000 Australians currently find themselves in this situation according to the Alzheimer’s Australia. Additionally, they estimate more that by 2025, the costs related to dementia in Australia will […]

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Training your brain is helpful for everyone.

Mental Workout: 7 Tips to Keep your Mind Healthy and Strong as you Age

Written by Stannah on 20th February 2017

As we age, it is not uncommon to notice that our memory function may seem to decrease. Memory lapses, like the inability to recall a name or missing a doctor’s appointment, can occur at any age. However, elderly people tend to become more upset by them due to fear that they are a sign of […]

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Eat Smart! How Proper Nutrition Can Help You Stay Healthy and Active as a Senior

Written by Stannah on 30th January 2017

Eating well with balanced nutrition is essential for people of all ages. However, as our body ages, it becomes even more vital that we maintain a proper diet. Consuming a well-planned and balanced mix of foods may help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, Type-2 diabetes, bone loss, some forms of cancer and anemia. […]

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Seniors can beat the heat

Beat the Heat: Tips for Seniors to Stay Safe and Healthy This Summer

Written by Stannah on 5th January 2017

Per the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s Special Climate Statement, March 2016 was the hottest March since an official record of temperatures began in Australia.   February saw the start of this sweltering heat and it is more than likely we can expect to continue this trend, due to global warming. Summertime is fun and relaxing, […]

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coping with aging parents

Coping with Aging: How to Comfort your Loved Ones as They Grow Older

Written by Stannah on 17th October 2016

Aging can be a confusing process for many individuals. It is difficult for our loved ones to understand they may no longer be capable of performing certain tasks. It is not uncommon for them to continue attempting their normal routine even if they physically or mentally are no longer able to. As a caregiver, trying […]

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