Makeup for women over 50 and the beauty of mature skin

Inner beauty is what we value most, but we also like to look good and after 50, finding the right makeup is key.

Written by Stannah

It doesn’t matter how old we are; we all like to look good and show our natural beauty. We embrace the lines around our eyes and mouth as a sign of how far we’ve come and a life well-lived. But maintaining a healthy glow is also crucial for our self-esteem, and that’s where well-applied makeup can work wonders.

The origin of makeup goes back many centuries. In fact, it’s widely believed that the ancient Egyptians were the first to wear makeup (as we understand it today), using kohl to create that dramatic eye look that we so often see in films whenever ancient Egyptians are portrayed. As time went by and civilisations changed and evolved, and so did our makeup habits. Today, one of the best things we have going for us is choosing the healthier and most sophisticated materials to maintain our skin hydrated and protected. Nowadays, makeup consumers are also starting to look for good products for their skin that also help protect the environment and are not tested on animals. After choosing the right product for our skin type, applying makeup can still be challenging, especially for older women.

So, what are the most common mistakes older women make when applying makeup? And how should we highlight our natural beauty?

Key tricks every woman should know when it comes to applying your makeup

Let’s talk about makeup for older women who want to highlight their best features and minimise the ones we don’t like so much. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Always keep your skin hydrated: no how old you are, properly hydrated skin is half the battle. After washing your face with warm soapy water or your favourite micellar water, apply your daily cream generously. When choosing a daily cream, older women should also look for creams that include vitamin E or Coenzyme Q10 in their ingredient mix since they help reduce many signs of ageing.
  • Primer: choosing a suitable primer can be tricky since you need one that helps you cover those features you find so annoying, such as deep wrinkles, spots and circles under the eyes. Look for a primer that isn’t too oily or creamy since it can crease into lines around your eyes and mouth, and apply it over your face or on specific areas, depending on what concerns you the most.
  • Colour correct and concealer: dealing with dark circles under the eyes can sometimes be challenging, but nothing that you can’t cover up with the right colour correct. The trick is to use just a small amount of colour-correcting concealer and cover those dark circles using your finger. After that, some makeup specialists also suggest applying a flesh-toned concealer to finish the cover-up process.
  • Foundation: finding the proper foundation is as tricky as finding a good primer, and again the key is to find one that best highlights your skin tone. You can apply a liquid foundation with a brush, sponge or using your fingers, but the main thing is to keep it light and wear your wrinkles with pride – the goal is to highlight your natural beauty and give it a bit of glow, not hide it under multiple layers of foundation. Remember: when it comes to makeup, less is more.
  • A bit of Blush to highlight those cheekbones: when it comes to blush, the main thing to keep in mind is trying not to go overboard with it. The goal of using Blush is to get your glow on or fake a rosy, but if you use too much of it, you’ll be hiding the beauty of your cheekbones instead of showing it off. So, use just a bit and while you’re applying it, remember to smile.

A critical aspect to consider when it comes to makeup is to choose high-quality products. After all, you’ll be applying these to your face and around sensitive areas like your eyes, so it’s important that the products you choose are of good quality and don’t cause any allergies or other skin conditions. And because “the eyes are the mirror of the soul”, we also want to give you a few tips on how to apply a beautiful eye-makeup that helps to show off the natural beauty of your eyes.

The eye makeup routine you didn’t know you need  

When it comes to eye makeup, you can go for a darker look or a lighter one depending on your mood, personal taste, if you’re going out to a special event or just going about your day. 

A lot of women prefer a neutral eye makeup look. If that’s your case, always look for light or nude tones to give your eyes a more natural and beautiful look. Here are a few other tricks that you can add to your eye makeup routine:

  • Choose a light eye shadow, like beige or light brown and dust it onto your lids. Afterwards, use a darker colour (also known as a crease colour) and as a final touch, use a bit of highlighter along your brow bone.
  • To highlight your eyes’ shape, use eyeliner to create a very thin line and give your eye makeup an elegant look.
  • Finally, use a bit of mascara to give your eyelashes a little volume.

What are the most common mistakes women over 50 make when putting on their makeup?

The most common mistake women over 50 make when applying their makeup is one that every woman has probably experienced – when we’re trying to conceal our wrinkles or laugh lines at all costs, we end up using more foundation than what we’re supposed to, which only enhances the features we were trying to conceal in the first place.

According to several makeup artists, women over 60 should use makeup to draw attention away from the features we don’t like so much. For example, suppose we’re trying to draw attention away from dark circles under the eyes. In that case, the trick is to focus on the mouth instead of covering up the area around the eyes and risk looking overdone.

Creating a beauty routine that helps to keep your spirits high 

As we grow old, creating certain routines that make us feel cherished and well-groomed can significantly improve our quality of life. Even if you’re staying at home, starting your day with a little personal grooming, like applying a good moisturiser that keeps your skin luminous and hydrated, is already a good start.

When creating or reinventing your beauty routine, try to focus on the natural features that make you beautiful and yes, wrinkles are a part of it. So don’t hide your wrinkles under tons of foundation; those wrinkles and spots are a sign of how far you’ve come, so wear them with pride and use makeup to highlight the beautiful features you already have going for you. Above all, use your beauty routine to keep your spirits high and as a way to start your day by taking good care of one of the most important people in your life: yourself.